Sous Chef

This position is responsible for the supervision and production of all items in the Veranda Kitchen.

Job Description: 

Monitors customer service levels in operations and counsels employees with alternative methods of responding to customer requests.

Provides staff with the skills training to be able to provide value added service to customers.

Supervises the proper setting up of each item on menus and ensures their readiness.

Assures smooth kitchen operation by coordinating with related Food and Beverage departments.

Controls and oversees the seasonings, portions and appearance of food served in the operation.

Follows proper staffing guidelines and prepares production sheets.

Reports to Executive Chef the number of meals prepared, served and returned.

Assures proper safety, hygiene and sanitation practices are followed.


Minimum of 2 years experience in the same position or in a similar capacity

Diploma in Cooking or Apprenticeship

Ability to work long and unusual hours

Good communication skills both in English and local language

Good decision making skills

Team builder and goal oriented

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